Enjoy A Tropical Experience with Big Break Slot

Who wouldn't want to revel on a tropical experience under the sun with the refreshing breeze and smell of the sea, gently caressing your skin as it passes through your comfortable position as you lay down on the sand? If you're part of the group that's been longing for such a treat, no worries as you can easily come close to the actual experience with an additional perk of winning a ridiculous amount of money through the Big Break online slot game. As the name suggests, this is one of the slots out there that would treat you with a refreshing environment that will undeniably bring you a comfortable, full-packed experience from its enthralling setup, smooth features and perfect-looking detailed designs.

Big Break is a treat introduced by none other than one of the most influential software platform out in the industry today - Microgaming. As one of the developed game from this significantly popular software, there's definitely a guarantee that you'll be able to have one of the best waging experience you've ever had here. It comes with a simply stunning 15 pay lines packed in 5 reel with thematic symbols along with scatters and wilds that would increase your chances in winning more. Although the game is not a progressive one, don't be fooled as it definitely stuffed itself with serious payouts along with compelling bonuses that will surely allow you to have a chance in earning grand prizes.

The max bet you can make with all the paylines and reels active is $75 and the price will surely pay off one you hit the jackpot of a stunning $5,000. In order to help you get your hands on this grand prize, the game packs two different wild symbols with Big Break word and Lucky Break. The two work differently which you should be knowledgeable about first before you even try to hunt them. The scatter symbol on the other hand will help you multiply your winnings so you'll be able to cash out more. You'll also be able to trigger a bonus round called 'Surf's Up' as soon as you get all the surfers on your reels. Multipliers await you in this irresistible deal. With a stunning environment and ridiculous prizes, you'll never go wrong in this Big Break Slot.