Little Britain Slot: Game with A Funny and Nostalgic Touch

Online slot games are meant to be fun and what more can reinforce this other than injecting the game with a comedic genre that will totally be nostalgic for players, right? What I'm talking about is the Little Britain, which was interestingly named by combining the words 'Little England' and the 'Great Britain'. Although it may sound so 'seriously' put up, this name was something that came from a sketch show that packed an entertaining setup like no other to vast number of people in different countries. Fans of the show will surely remember the full-star line up you'll be seeing as the symbols for this game which includes Dafydd, Andy, Lou, Vicky, and Emily.

Though many may find themselves in loss with who these characters are, don't worry as the game serves an extremely immersive and entertaining experience whether you're a fan of the show or not. Little Britain was a game developed and powered by the revered Ash Gaming platform and it comes with an exhilarating 30-payline feature with a total of 5 reels. Windows, MAC and mobile slot wagers will definitely be amazed at the versatility of this site in whatever platform you wish to play it.

The game packs a riveting environment packed with audio and overall theme that oozes with the Little Britain Show. Aside from the main characters, there are also normal symbols on the reels which includes the Number 10 card up to the Ace. Also, this game packs a wild symbol that you can exchange for any other symbol that may help render you a winning line.

The game also doesn't stop bringing happiness in the environment and versatile symbols alone since it also has a lot of bonuses awaiting players out there. The Vicky, the Big Gay and Emily symbols are the ones that can trigger various bonuses when you luckily hit them on the 5, 3, and 1 reels. The Vicky can reward you with a maximum of 750x the bet you've placed while the other two can render you a stunning 500x bonus. Their promotion has a lot more to it that you must discover yourself. All in all, Little Britain will surely be one of your favorite slots out there once you give it a try.