Experience the Action Brought By the Roller Derby Slot

Explore and revel on the unique world of the Roller Derby slot game as it brings you the immersive, cool experience brought by this sport all within the comfort of your mobile device and reels of this world-renowned game. You may think that this game will be somewhat on the soft side of the industry due to the nature of the sport itself, however, you'll surely be proven wrong as it brings to you one of the most exciting and violently-inclined games that will undeniably keep your blood boiling from start to finish. The game was developed by one of the biggest players of the software platform industry in the waging world, Microgaming. The platform has definitely proven itself worthy of its position on the industry today as it brings to you a complete experience, from the symbols up to the concrete track and court of the sports within the reels, down to the huge payouts and thrilling bonuses that awaits players as soon as they enter the game.

The game will introduce to you some of the coolest and detailed symbols that will irrefutably fit right in to the theme such as the logo of Roller Derby itself, an awesome pair of skater shoes in pink, the black and red teams, two hot female players for both the teams, and a referee. The controls of Roller Derby slot is also quite advance yet it won't stray from being intuitive and easy-to-use for players. It is located right below the reels and this will allow you to manipulate your bet, spin the reels, and to innovatively put the game on auto-mode which will allow you to breeze through consecutive spins without ever needing to set the bet and spin the reel manually.

Roller Derby plays on an awesome 25 payline system packed within 5 reels which will allow you to bet from a maximum of 250 and a minimum of 0.01 coins. The pink shoes for the skater is the wild symbol that will allow you to exchange it for other symbols, and the scatter symbol will allow you to earn bonus free spins.